Business Card & Envelope Design

Namecards, envelopes, and letterheads are all mediums that directly or indirectly interact with customers, providing an excellent opportunity to make a lasting impression. We can skillfully use visual, tactile, and even olfactory elements to infuse brand identity into the designs. Namecard design, envelope design, and letterhead design can retain as much of the brand’s visual elements and colors as possible.


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Designing namecards, envelopes, and letterheads is an essential way for businesses to promote and communicate with your customers. A well-designed namecard or envelope can attract the attention of your customers and enhance your company’s image.

In terms of printing, different textures and thicknesses of paper can be chosen to provide customers with a unique tactile experience. High-end brands can even add fragrance to enhance the customer’s olfactory experience, leaving a positive impression.

In Hong Kong, the standard printing size for business cards is usually 54mm x 90mm. The printing size of company letterheads is generally A4, while the size of company envelopes varies and can be selected based on different needs.