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The more foot traffic a physical store has, the higher the rent will be. To attract more customers and save on decoration costs, opening an online shop or engaging in online marketing can be a great option.


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Once you have a well-designed ecommerce website development and it’s up and running, the first thing you need to address is traffic – how can you get more people to visit your ecommerce website? This is where SEO and SEM online promotion come in handy. SEO has a longer-term effect, while SEM advertising can produce more immediate results.

If you want to transform your Instagram shop (IG Shop) into an online shop, expand the online store capabilities of your physical store, or create a brand new ecommerce website, you can come to us! We are a Hong Kong web design agency company specializing in ecommerce website development. We don’t use design templates, all of our ecommerce web designs are custom-made, and we can also provide SEO and SEM online promotion services to help get your online business up and running quickly.