Booklet Design

Are you considering creating a booklet? Perhaps a corporate brochure and product catalog for your company? Or an informative magazine? Or maybe a hipster booklet of literature and art? Whatever type of publication you have in mind, we can provide professional advice for your design layout.


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Different design layouts, paper types, and thicknesses can convey different personalities. For a short company brochure or product brochure, if you want to convey a professional and upscale image, you can use thicker paper or even matt lamination to increase the sense of luxury. Magazine and hipster booklet designs focus on breaking the monotony and presenting information to readers in an interesting way. They generally use glossy or matt paper for printing, but if the style is environmentally friendly or literary, we recommend print with a wood-free paper series for a more textured effect. By ensuring that the number of pages in your folded and stapled publication is a multiple of 4, you can be confident that your printing publication will be properly formatted and visually appealing to your readers.