Pull-Up Banner

If your company is small, and you have a limited budget but want to attract a large number of street customers, especially for upstairs shops, retail stores, and restaurants, using pull-up banners (standee) is a great option. The advantage of pull-up banners (standee) is that the print quality is clearer and more durable compared to banners, and they are easy to store and transport. The price is also more affordable.


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When designing, it’s important to avoid putting important information in the bottom 50cm as it may be difficult to read. Pull-up banners (standee) are lightweight and portable display tools that are easy to assemble, reusable, and affordable. The most common size for pull-up banners (standee) in the market is 80cm wide by 200cm high, and for limited spaces, a smaller size of 60cm wide by 160cm high can be used.