In Hong Kong, having a grand backdrop design is essential for creating a stunning event atmosphere. Whether it’s a large-scale annual dinner, wedding, exhibition, or outdoor event, besides having a regular backdrop for group photos, you can also add some creativity by creating small backdrops for special photo spots or die-cut shapes to add more depth with lighting effects.


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In addition to wooden backdrop designs, there are also banner stand designs, commonly known as spider stands, which are reusable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and affordable, making them suitable for companies that frequently participate in different exhibitions and events.

Backdrop event design refers to the use of large background walls and display walls at the event venue, usually used to showcase brand logos, product introductions, and service information. Nowadays, besides traditional one-time use wooden backdrop designs, there are also PVC banner stand designs, fabric banner stand designs, portable backdrop designs, and more, some of which can be reused, making them suitable for those who frequently hold events.