Corporate Website

What makes for a good corporate website design? For both startups and established companies alike, one key aspect is reflecting the corporate’s values, personality, and attitude. So, what website design elements can help convey these qualities? Dark colors can suggest elegant, while lighter colors can create a friendly and harmonious feel, and bright colors can convey energy and attitude. Straight lines can suggest a bold and confident personality, while curves can be gentle and more approachable feel.


Let's Start a Project

For a startup corporate website, it’s best to start with brand positioning and determine the color tone, typography, and design elements that the company will use, then design a unique brand website within that framework. For existing websites, whether you want to maintain the existing brand personality or establish a new brand positioning, we recommend revamping the website every 5 years, big or small. A website revamp can give users a fresh feeling, readjust the positioning direction, and keep up with the latest web technologies.