Promotional posters can generally be divided into two categories: event promotion and product/service promotion. Whether you are organizing a small or large event, a captivating event poster design is essential to attract more attendees. Similarly, if you want people to notice and support your products or services, a memorable promotional poster design is necessary to leave a lasting impression.


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While a bold visual and creative poster design may look great, it may not necessarily be the best fit for your brand. Instead, we focus on creating poster designs that are most suitable and representative of your brand, using the right font sizes, visual hierarchy, and clear sales points to help people truly understand your brand.

Once the poster design is completed, it’s time to think about the exposure location. Online promotion can be done through Instagram (IG) and Facebook advertising or various web advertising platforms. For physical advertising, you can choose to print lightbox posters or paper posters and place them in major advertising platforms such as subway stations and POAD (Poster on a Daily). You can also place them in magazines or newspaper advertising positions, but the most important thing is to place them where your target audience frequents and has reading habits.