Logo Design

Do you ever wonder if creating a company logo is simply drawing a simple graphic and adding some text? Can a logo generator create a business logo that can make a great impression? What is the value of corporate logo design exactly? Logo design in Hong Kong is an important aspect of creating a company’s visual identity.


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Logo design Hong Kong

From an appearance perspective, logo design is indeed a relatively simplified graphic with a few colors and maybe some font choices. However, there are many steps and considerations involved before reaching the final logo design.

Out of all our senses, vision is the fastest at stimulating our brains. A representative logo can help customers recognize your brand in a short amount of time. Therefore, the first step in creating a logo is to clarify the core concept, which includes the brand’s values, beliefs, promises, and story. Then, combining market demand, establish target customer groups, location (e.g. Hong Kong), pricing, age, gender, B2B or B2C, etc. Based on these two points, establish a brand image, including tone, font, logo shape, and color scheme. We will extend the underlying values to create a logo design and idea that is best for your company while keeping the price reasonable.