Facebook & Instagram Promotions

Facebook and Instagram (IG) are social media platforms that Hong Kong people cannot live without every day. In fact, advertising on these platforms is relatively affordable, with costs as low as less than $50 per day. It is crucial to leverage these social media platforms for advertising and promotion to gain exposure in front of the target audience.


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Whether it’s advertising and post on Facebook or Instagram (IG), in addition to having a catchy headline, it is essential to have eye-catching graphic design, even captivating motion graphics. Attracting attention doesn’t necessarily mean that the colors have to be vibrant or the font has to be large. Here’s a simple tutorial. First, you need to know what kind of personality or image your product or service wants to convey. Second, you need to determine what color scheme represents your brand. Third, you need to understand your target audience, whether they are male, female, age group, and their purchasing power. With these insights, you can determine the direction of the advertising and post design on Facebook and Instagram (IG) without worrying. We are a social media advertising agency that can create high-quality graphics and motion graphics that are sure to grab the attention of your target audience on Facebook and Instagram (IG).