Web Banner Design

A web banner is the first image that a visitor sees when they arrive on a webpage. It takes up the largest size of the webpage and is responsible for creating a first impression.


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Web banners are typically divided into two types. The first type introduces the company’s features, such as product or service features, with a Call to Action (CTA) button that leads visitors to the purchase page, thereby speeding up the consumer process. The second type is a banner that highlights the latest information, such as a banner about a special promotion or a banner for a seasonal event like a festival or summer celebration.

Web banner design is generally divided into two types: photos and graphics. Photo-based web banner designs are simpler and require a beautiful photo with well-placed text to create a website with attitude, style, or simplicity. Graphic-based web banners are more interesting and create a friendly feeling, and are not limited by photos, allowing for more creative space. The optimal banner size will depend on various factors, including the website layout, target audience, and advertising goals.