Brand Identity Design for Tiffany’s Community Bakery

Design Solution

Tiffany’s Community Bakery is not just a regular bakery that sells desserts, it is selling a story. The owner is a girl with cerebral palsy who has limited mobility, but she still burns with passion and brings a little sweetness, care, and love to the community. The designer created an illustrated character story based on this narrative – a magical girl sitting on a mixer, flying into the city, turning it into a joyful and dreamy playground, and bringing happiness to the city. The designer used this character setting to create the logo design, computer illustration design, booklet design, product photography, and more. The logo features the character illustration as the main element, with a more Japanese style to convey a whimsical feeling. The brand colors use pink and purple tones with a dreamy feeling, to help customers see Tiffany’s story through the brand image.


Tiffany’s Community Bakery

Design Service

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