D.park Food Guide Design

Design Solution

D.park is a large shopping mall located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, targeting the market of children and parents. It regularly hosts various large-scale events and features a variety of stores, restaurants, and bookstores. Due to its focus on the children’s market, its theme color is mainly orange, creating a cheerful and joyful atmosphere. For the food guide we designed for them, we also used orange as the main color tone to maintain their joyous theme and to increase appetite, bringing out the deliciousness of the food. In terms of layout, our designer decided to reserve the maximum space for the store names and food photos, with the illustrations serving as a supporting role. This allows people to see what restaurants are available from a distance, increasing readability. The design placements include lightbox advertising locations, glass window sticker advertising locations, large wall advertising locations, and wooden wall advertising locations for shops under renovation.



Design Service

Wall Sticker Design, Light Box Design, Food Menu Design