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The Hong Kong Association of the Deaf is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals with hearing impairments integrate into society and advocating for their welfare and development.

To celebrate our 55th anniversary, they collaborated with “Boney Show” to organize the “Four Seasons of Life” stage play. Bringing together the deaf, hearing, and sign language on stage into a performance that embodies inclusive art. “Four Seasons of Life” is adapted from the real-life stories of individuals with hearing impairments, using the four seasons as representative symbols to depict their various experiences at different stages of life. It portrays how they overcome challenges, and live fulfilling lives.

For this theatrical production, we provided poster design, e-invitation card design, theater program booklet design, ticket design, and bus advertisement design. The graphic designer aimed to create a narrative-driven design by focusing on the protagonist’s ear, with four leaves symbolizing the changing seasons gently falling nearby, prompting viewers to wonder about the protagonist’s journey and generating interest in their story.

In terms of design style, the graphic designer employed an oil painting brushstroke technique to evoke a sense of warmth and familiarity. The colors used for the ear, cheeks, and hair were kept light to accentuate the vibrant colors of the leaves, highlighting the theme of the four seasons. To further enhance the human touch, the title “Four Seasons of Life” was handwritten with fluid strokes that complemented the direction of the wind, seamlessly integrating the title into the illustration.


The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf

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Advertisement, Editorial Design, Poster Design, Program Booklet Design, Ticket Design, E-invitation Design, Bus Advertisement Design