Online Shop Design for Philips Lighting

Design Solution

Philips Lighting is a important production line under Philips, and its online store mainly sells lighting products, with the Hue (automatic color-changing LED light) series as its flagship product. The online store has rapidly gained popularity in recent years, especially during the pandemic, as many Hong Kong people have turned to online shopping and purchased the products they want from home. In the design of this online store, the designer took inspiration from the design of the parent company’s website, with a focus on clean, clear product information and a bright tone, allowing customers to recognize the online store as part of the parent company and maintain the company’s brand image. In addition, in response to the color changes of the Hue lighting series, the designer incorporated iridescent color elements into the design of the online store, and also made the text titles gradually change colors, allowing customers to experience the unique features of the products through visual cues.



Design Service

Corporate Website Design, Online Shop Design