Logo Design for Jockey Club Baby Blossom Project

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The Jockey Club Baby Blossom Project is organized by the Hong Kong Christian Service and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. This project primarily serves infants aged 0 to 2 and their families, assisting children in their growth and development, just like the beautiful blossoming of flowers.

The term “Blossom” in the Jockey Club Baby Blossom Project signifies the blooming of flowers, symbolizing the growth of children, which is as beautiful and vibrant as blossoming flowers.

We can interpret the project’s logo from two different perspectives. Firstly, when we look at the logo, we see a blooming flower. The shape of the flower is outlined by lively lines, showcasing the vibrancy of flowers. The center of the flower holds a happy and thriving baby, symbolizing the project’s goal of promoting healthy growth and nurturing the children’s vitality.

From another perspective, we can interpret the logo as the shape of a hand. This hand symbolizes care and support, protecting the precious gem in the center, representing children as the treasures of their families, cherished and nurtured with love and care.

The designer used lines as the main element in the logo design, aiming to create a warm and humanistic feeling, reminiscent of the innocence and cuteness of children. The choice of orange-yellow and green as the brand colors takes inspiration from the natural color palette of flowers, bringing warmth and hope to the audience.

In addition to the logo design, we have also designed a leaflet for this project. To embody the concept of the logo, the booklet is die-cut into the shape of flower petals. When the leaflet is opened, it unfolds like a blossoming flower, allowing readers to immerse themselves in its content and experience it firsthand.


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