Souvenir Packaging for Ferrero Rocher

Design Solution

Ferrero Rocher has launched a limited edition holiday gift set, which includes a DIY 3D projector. Our packaging design task for this gift set is to create a black backdrop for the projector to enhance the projection quality and experience. The gift set also includes 18 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, allowing customers to enjoy the chocolates while watching the projections. To reinforce the brand image of Jinsha as a well-known brand for chocolates, the designer used the brand’s colors – gold and deep brown – as the main color scheme for the packaging design. The packaging material is matte gold, and the paper is thick cardstock, while the inner material is made of a material similar to shoe body, giving the packaging a more layered and luxurious texture. In addition, Ferrero Rocher also held a reception to invite celebrities and KOLs to promote this Christmas gift set. We designed a paper folder as a souvenir for guests, making the entire promotional and sales strategy more complete.


Ferrero Rocher

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