Food packaging design for Start With Taste

Design Solution

In recent years, Hong Kong people have started to use online shopping platforms and Instagram shops have become increasingly popular. This client is a specialized ig shop called “Start With Taste” that sells chinese soup. They take precious ingredients and simmer them into delicious soups, which are then frozen in high-temperature-resistant packaging bags. Customers can simply put the soup bag in boiling water and enjoy it immediately, making it very convenient.

With so many ig shops available, the designer created a packaging design that could help Start With Taste stand out. The design features streamlined lines and patterns that create a thick and smooth feeling of stewed soup. In the center, there is a hollow space where customers can see the precious ingredients used. In terms of color, in addition to using the dark yellow color of the logo, the designer also paired it with orange and lake blue. Yellow and orange can stimulate appetite and increase pleasure, while lake blue and orange contrast strongly, creating an eye-catching effect that makes the entire packaging design more lively and dynamic.


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