TOTO Tornado Flush Digital Ads Design

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TOTO Takes You to Experience Japan’s Innovative Tornado Flush Technology.

TOTO is a globally renowned Japanese bathroom equipment brand that has introduced a groundbreaking innovation in the form of its Tornado Flush technology. This technology utilizes a powerful swirling water flow to thoroughly clean and maintain the hygiene of the toilet bowl. Compared to other similar products, TOTO’s Tornado Flush provides a more efficient, hygienic, and quiet user experience.

To showcase this distinctive feature, we have designed a series of print and multimedia advertisements for TOTO. These advertisements are displayed on electronic giant screens at SOGO, lightbox ads in the MTR (Mass Transit Railway), dynamic digital screen ads in the MTR, pop-up ads in the ViuTV application, full-page ads in Esquire men’s lifestyle and fashion magazine, as well as other engaging online ads.

The central concept behind our ad design is to transport users to the serene and pristine ambiance of Japan by sitting on TOTO’s professionally designed Tornado Flush toilet. By incorporating airplane window elements, our designer takes the audience on a journey from Hong Kong to Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji, evoking a sense of cleanliness and tranquility. This ad campaign effectively positions TOTO as a high-end brand, emphasizing professionalism, meticulousness, and instilling confidence and respect for the Japanese brand among Hong Kong consumers, thereby increasing their desire to purchase TOTO products.



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